To Know God

Meditate on this statement for a moment – JESUS CHRIST, PERFECT THEOLOGY

Jesus’ response to problems

– Jesus healed all who came to Him, no exceptions. He also healed all the Father directed Him to heal – Mark 7:24-30

– Jesus stilled every life-threatening storm that He encountered – Mark 4:37-41

Whatever you think you know about God that you can’t find in the person of Jesus you have reason to question. Jesus Christ is the fullest and most precise revelation of the Father and His nature that could ever be made known.

Jesus’ response to disease

– If Jesus healed everyone who came to Him, and the Father wills for people to be sick, then we have a divided house—one that, according to the teachings of Jesus, cannot stand.

– Consider this: Many have been trained to embrace disease as a form of suffering for which we gain favor with God. If we can legitimately do that with sickness, we can do it with sin. Jesus paid the same price to render both realities powerless—see Psalm 103:3, Isaiah 33:24, Mark 2:9, and James 5:16

Jesus Christ, the model for life

– As perfect theology, Jesus illustrates the will of God. He models how life is to be lived modeling the reality of His Kingdom.

Bless what He blesses

Matthew 5:44-45

God is God and does as He pleases. Jesus perfectly represented this and we cannot afford to not enjoy the goodness of God. It is the cornerstone of all theology.

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