The Triumphal Entry

I gave the following message to a church in South Wales.

Listen to the Message

God gave me the revelation of this message during a prayer meeting when I got a picture of Jesus coming down the street the church was on, riding on a donkey…

Based on the following passages in the Bible:

  • Matthew 21:1-10
  • Mark 11:1–10
  • Luke 19:28-44
  • John 12:12–19

I love the way Jesus came into Jerusalem. Humbly on a donkey and yet did not deny all the praise and parade that was given on His behalf. This was a sign of His Messiahship (the Anointed One).

Normally a king of that time would enter a kingdom he conquered with a parade in his honor. This parade would be led to the local temple where the people would sacrifice to the favored god of that king.

The revelation I received with this story was first about how the disciples got the donkey Jesus rode in on.

Walking in the prophecies on your life.

The disciples went and did just as Jesus directed them.
As long as we are obedient to the voice of God, then we can depend on God for the outcome and follow through with what He says.

The next is…

Rejoicing in the move of God

Luke 19:34-44

Which side of the parade are you on? Celebrate change and enjoy in full the visitation of Jesus in your life, church, and city.


Sharing in the righteous anger

Matthew 21:12-13

These sellers were even exploiting the poor! In James 1:27, we are told to look after the orphans and widows (physically & spiritually). David, in Psalms 139:21–24, says he hates those who hate God! But he also says to God to search his heart, so that this hatred is a righteous one.

What is or has God revealed to you to do for Him? What are you doing about it?

Have we forgotten what it is all about? We are called to make a way for our King to come, like John the Baptist did with his ministry. Not hinder Him coming like the Pharisees were trying to do.

John 12:12-19

Let’s make a way for our King, who brings SALVATION (Saved from sin, physical healing & set free from bondage)!

You might not understand what Jesus is doing at the time, but when you allow Jesus to be glorified by your obedience to His voice, your revelation receives feet! Most of all, people will be drawn to Jesus!

Our job is to be obedient, His job is the outcome.

Again… What is or has God revealed to you to do for Him? What are you doing about it?

Prince of Peace LIVE — of Dirt and Grace — Hillsong UNITED

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