You can’t bless anyone if you are to busy cursing them.

Does the word curse sound a bit harsh? Well, if we are too busy complaining about someone then we don’t have time to bless them.
We actually give up our right to bless someone or something when we decide to curse/complain about them or it.
We might not mean to do it intentionally, but because it has been part of our everyday lifestyle for so long, we do it without thinking.

That’s why we need to transform the way we think, daily, into the way our Heavenly Father thinks of us and His creation. He loves us, He is so proud of us, He believes in us, He does not regret creating us.

When we start looking and thinking of each other in the same way, that’s when we will see long lasting, supernatural, transformation into a true ‘Heaven on Earth’ society!
But we cannot transform the nations if we have not experienced it and are enjoying this heavenly transformation. It starts with us. If we want to see healthy families, for example, then we have to be the best example there is out there of a healthy family.

A healthy family is a family that needs every member.

From the father and mother to the son and daughter. A ‘Heaven on Earth’ family is a family that grows, learns and experiences God’s perfect purpose for their lives together.
So, just like our Father in Heaven turned His heart to us by sending His One and only Son, Jesus, to live and die and live again for us. We need to turn our hearts to each other, no matter the lifestyle  or generation. There are no walls in a body, everything is connected and has a purpose. The church, us, are a body. We must be connected, we need each other.

Let’s be apart of a spiritual landmark.

A landmark where we, together, break down these pointless walls, between generations and lifestyles. Let now be a time where we unite and enjoy a heavenly restoration that will restore relationships and lead us into the victory God has for us.
Get ready to receive and give all that you learn and experience into every relationship that you have influence in.

Malachi 4:6 And he will turn the hearts of the parents to the children, And the hearts of the children to their parents…

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